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Video System Can Be Used To Inspect Difficult-To-See Components

Developed to meet the need for systems that can make quick, accurate non-contact physical measurements of semiconductors and other miniaturization electronic parts, as well as molded and machined parts, the YF10 3-D video-coordinate measuring machine (VCMM) is equipped with an IEEE 1394-interface digital CCD camera and metrology software running under Windows 98. Available with 10:1 zoom-lens optics, or a variety of fixed optical lens magnifications, the system uses twin halogen light sources and fiber optics to provide coaxial episcopic and diascopic illumination. A multi-LED programmable ring light offers the user more flexibility in setting oblique illumination when inspecting difficult-to-see features.
Other features of the VCMM system include 0.0001-mm resolution digital scales, a servo-controlled bridge assembly with closed-loop feedback, and a measuring volume of 400 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm. A simple graphical user interface is self-teaching from the initial inspection process, enabling subsequent parts to be measured automatically in CNC mode. The software also provides alignment and datum-plane setting, inclination compensation, and produces reports.


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