Electronic Design
Wire-To-Board Subminiature Connectors Tackle High-Density LED Apps

Wire-To-Board Subminiature Connectors Tackle High-Density LED Apps

With a mated height of 1.9 mm and a design for maximum printed-circuit-board (PCB) flexibility, JST Corp.’s ADH series of wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connectors will find homes in a multitude of high-density LED light applications. The 1.2-mm-pitch, side-entry, surface-mount connectors are polarized maintain secure friction locking when mated. The design features a socket half that’s mated with the header from the vertical direction while wires extend out of the socket horizontally, which allows the header to be placed anywhere on the PCB. Three circuits make up the series, all with a 3.0 A (ac-dc) rating using a 26 AWG wire at 50-V ac-dc. They can accommodate wire sizes AWG #28 to #26. Operating temperature ranges from ‒25 to +85°C, including temperature rise when applying electrical current. Headers, molded of RoHS-compliant 94V-0 PBT material, incorporate insertion guides to facilitate mating. Contacts consist of gold-plated over nickel undercoated copper-alloy base material.


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