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Yagi Antennas Eliminate Field Tuning

The ASP-998 and ASPG998 broadband yagi antennas provide coverage for the 806 to 894 MHz and 890 to 960 MHz frequency ranges, respectively, thereby eliminating field tuning. The two antennas have a gain of 8 dBd with a VSWR of 1.5:1. Both are rated for wind speeds of up to 120 mph and have black, DURA-COAT aluminum elements and include completely encapsulated assemblies. The ASP-998 has a front-to-back ratio of >11 dB with a 42° to 51° E-plane and a 53° to 68° H-plane beamwidth. The ASPG998 has a front-to-back ratio of >10 dB with a 44° to 50° E-plane and a 55° to 64° H-plane beamwidth. Both antennas are vertically polarized, have a power rating of 125W, and come with an N female termination. Suggested resale price is $98.50.

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