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ZIF Connectors Feature Longer Life, Lower Crosstalk

ZIF Connectors Feature Longer Life, Lower Crosstalk

The company’s comprehensive range of zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors for medical diagnostic and imaging equipment employ a landed contact system that eliminates connector engagement force. The only wear on the contacts occurs as they press together and lightly wipe past each other during the camming and locking operation. As a result, the connectors feature a minimum life of 10,000 complete mating and un-mating cycles with no performance loss. Components include the DL Series and DLD Series thermoplastic connectors, DLM Series, DL4 Series and DLP136-272 Series aluminum connectors, DLP 408 Series zinc alloy connector; and the QLC zinc connector. Available in contact arrangements ranging from 60 to 2,496, the connectors feature gold-plated copper alloy contact material. Typical pricing ranges from $6 to $1,500 each/5. ITT INDUSTRIES, CANNON, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 557-4700.
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