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Recipe For An RTOS

BitBake from the OpenEmbedded project is central to Monta Vista’s latest Linux real-time operating system (RTOS) and system tool release, Monta Vista Linux 6 (MVL 6). MVL 6 has the latest Linux and Eclipse development system enhancements and bug fixes, but the BitBake build environment is being exposed in this release. BitBake is a system designed to build systems, sort of like a super make facility. In fact, it is designed to work with standard make tools like Ant.

Also, BitBake recipes are designed to create cross-compiled systems. The text-based instructions are used to generate a task tree that determines dependencies, acquires support files, and creates the desired artifacts such as a downloadable flash image for an embedded target.

BitBake is architecture agnostic, so it isn’t just a Linux phenomenon. It is designed for collaborative environments and large projects. Highly extensible and based on Python, the system supports embedded Python code. Furthermore, BitBake is an open-source project hosted by BerliOS. It’s not just found in Monta Vista’s toolbox. It’s used by a number of other companies and open-source projects, including OpenMoko and OpenZaurus.

Monta Vista is using BitBake recipe collections to deliver vertical market versions of its operating system and tool suite such as versions for the cell-phone market or communications market. This enables developers to take advantage of applicable applications and support by customizing the recipe. It also makes it possible for third parties to provide recipes or additions to recipes in a more modular fashion.



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