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Bipolar Power-Indication LEDs Mount On Front/Rear Panels

Bipolar Power-Indication LEDs Mount On Front/Rear Panels

Designed for front- or real-panel mounting, Wilbrect LEDCO’s just released bipolar LEDs work directly off a 120- or 240-V ac line as an LED power indictor or as a drop-in replacement for neon indicators. They come in a pre-wired assembly of a red, green, or yellow bipolar LED and a resistor. Front-mount housing options include the 100/600 domed cylindrical and flush plastic lenses, or the rugged CR/BR/CC series crew-on-metal housing for 0.312-in. holes. For rear-mount housing, there’s the press-fit L61 series for 0.250-in. holes, or the rugged screw-on CRM/BRM metal housing for 0.315-in. holes. Most feature IP66 sealing and can be supplied with wire leads or LED pin terminations. Customization is possible, using a variety of resistors, to meet specific ac voltage requirements (including 120 V ac). Popular options include custom lead lengths and custom symbol printing on flat lenses, in addition to a number of connector variations.


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