Compact White LED Offers Halogen-Style Dimming

Compact White LED Offers Halogen-Style Dimming

LED Engin’s LuxiTune is an intelligent single-emitter LED capable of true halogen-style dimming from bright 3000-K midday light down to a warm 1800-K evening color. It comprises a 12-die, compact single emitter with intelligent control circuit and complementary TIR optic. Designed to be driven from a 24-V supply yet providing light equivalent to a 60-W halogen lamp, the LuxiTune reaches a luminous flux of 1100 lumens measured from the secondary optic with an efficiency of 63 lumens/W, which is higher than products that use multiple emitters and reflectors. At full intensity, the LuxiTune achieves a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 and maintains a CRI average of 85 and R9 red content of 70 as it dims. Smoothly hugging the black body curve to within three MacAdam ellipses, it produces consistent, natural light across the full dimming and correlated color temperature (CCT) range. The unit includes built-in control circuitry with support for 0 to 10 V and a digital multiplexing (DMX) control, which makes it quick and easy to create a compact lighting unit with advanced dimming effects and high performance. LuxiTune features LED Engin’s unique, multi-layer ceramic substrate, which is designed to minimize the package’s thermal resistance and provide an almost stress-free environment for the chips. These features ensure effective heat dissipation, maximum light emission, color point stability, and long service life. Samples are available in the U.K. from Solid State Supplies.


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