DC-DC Constant-Current LED Drivers Power High-Brightness LEDs

DC-DC Constant-Current LED Drivers Power High-Brightness LEDs

To power and control high-brightness LEDs, MicroPower Direct’s LDM24-xx miniature dc-dc LED drivers combine a constant-current output with analog and pulse-width-modulation (PWM) control and high efficiency. Three models offer constant-current outputs of 300, 500, or 700 mA with a 7- to 30-V dc input range. Thanks to a step-down dc-dc design, they can drive LED strings up to 28 V dc. Features include 95% efficiency, short-circuit protection, and an analog or PWM dimming-control input. Mean time between failure (MTBF) is greater than 1.6 Mhours. Operating temperature ranges from −40 to +71°C ambient with the need for derating or heatsinking. All are housed in a 0.80- by 0.40- by 0.27-in. MiniDIP case.


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