IR LED Flush-Mounts Into PCB

IR LED Flush-Mounts Into PCB

Osram Opto Semiconductors was able to sink a surface-mountable infrared (IR) LED into a printed-circuit board, creating what it claims is the first the first flush-mountable version of its kind. The Midled SFH 4140 side-looking LED extends a mere 0.6 mm above and below a printed-circuit board (PCB). The T-shaped transmitter, occupying 4.6 mm2 of board space, emits a beam at an angle of ±25° thanks to an integrated reflector. It produces 50 mW per steradian of typical radiant intensity from 100-mA drive current. As a result, the LED can deliver remote-control functionality or smartphones and tablets thanks to its flush-mount capability. Wavelength measures 940 nm.


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