LED Driver Family Extended With High-Line Options

LED Driver Family Extended With High-Line Options

Power Integrations rounded out its family of LYTSwitch-4 LED driver ICs with versions optimized for high-line applications. Promising accurate output current and high efficiency, the ICs target bulb and tube applications, as well as high-bay lighting. Their intent is to ensure that lamps deliver uniform light output and high performance in TRIAC-dimmable applications. The ICs’ combined PFC and CC single-stage converter topology results in a power factor greater than 0.95, and efficiencies climb to over 90% in typical applications. Designs based on the new drivers meet EN61000-3-2C regulations for total harmonic distortion (THD)—optimized designs deliver less than 10% THD. Regulation is better than ±5% across load and production spread. LED-driver designs fit into space-restricted bulb styles thanks to a 132-kHz switching frequency, which allows for the use of smaller, lower-cost magnetics, and frequency jittering that reduces EMI filtering requirements. Startup is typically less than 500 ms, even when dimmed to less than 10% light output.


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