Mid-Power Infrared LED Focuses On Industrial, Machine-Vision Apps

Mid-Power Infrared LED Focuses On Industrial, Machine-Vision Apps

Oslam Opto Semiconductors’ latest infrared light-emitting diode (IRED) closes the gap between high- and low-power IREDs. Designed for industrial applications, the Oslon Compact SFH 4710 has a typical output of 270 mW from an operating current of 500 mA. As such, it offers an output range midway between the company’s Power TopLED and Oslon Black IREDs. It integrates a chip with an edge length of 750 µm. The Oslon Compact’s package measures 1.6 by 1.2 by 0.8, which isn’t much larger than the chip itself. Emission angle is ±65°. The IRED doesn’t require internal optics or reflectors. Without external optics, it covers the near-field range of a few meters, suiting eye-tracking and gesture detection. However, its light also can be injected into narrow-angle external optics. With external optics, the LED can be used for illumination in surveillance applications and machine-vision tasks (e.g., pattern recognition, 3D measurement). In these apps, its 850-nm wavelength is barely perceptible to the human eye but is easily detectable by camera systems.


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