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Fewer components drive off-line circuits

Power Integrations has unveiled the latest application for its power conversion technology – a driver circuit with nine components for off-line LED lighting. The driver delivers 40mA of current and 0.5W of output power, making it suitable for emergency exit signs, nightlights and other lighting applications.

The design, entitled DI-92, uses LNK302, a member of Power Integrations’ LinkSwitch-TN family of integrated circuits. DI-92 is a constant-current LED driver circuit using a non-isolated buck-boost topology. The design’s low component count makes it small, lightweight and inexpensive: materials cost approximately 50 cents for quantities in units of 10K. The circuit is environmentally friendly, operating at up to 75% efficiency, higher than is possible with passive designs.

The DI-92 circuit design operates across the range of AC input voltages, from 85V to 265V. It meets EMI specifications CISPR22B/EN55022B with a margin of more than 8dB, and is Class II safety-compliant.

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