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    This TechXchange delves into the technology, competitions and people that work on the Formula E electric race cars.
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    Formula E's 2023 Season Ups the Stakes with 3rd-Gen Electric Racers

    July 12, 2023
    Now entering its ninth season of competition, the Formula E racing circuit is introducing a new generation of faster, more capable electric vehicles that rival their fossil-fuel...
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    Formula E 2022 Racing in New York

    July 21, 2022
    Best NYC race ever? All the action from Round 12!
    1. The idea in Formula E is to end the race with a dead battery otherwise you have power that might have won the race.

    ZF Race Highlights from Round 6 of the Monaco E-Prix

    May 5, 2022
    Mahindra Racing's Performance Director Josef Holden discusses how its car performed in this leg of the E-Prix.

    What Does a Formula E Tire Engineer Do?

    April 15, 2022
    Mahindra's Carlos Rayo talks about tires and Formula E racing.
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    What Does a Formula E Systems Engineer Do?

    Feb. 3, 2022
    In this video, we talk with Tom Ellis, a systems engineer with Mahindra Racing working on Formula E cars.

    More content from Formula E Racing

    Promo G2 Mahindra Driver

    A Quick Byte: Driving a Formula E Racer

    Sept. 16, 2021
    The third and final part of this Q&A series with Mahindra Racing features Alexander Sims, one of the team's drivers.
    Promo G1 Mahindra Maint

    A Quick Byte: Maintaining a Formula E Racer

    Sept. 14, 2021
    In part two of the series on Mahindra Racing's Formula E program, Crew Chief Paul Willet weighs in on the differences between maintaining electric racers and internal-combustion...
    Mahindra Battery Promo Web

    A Quick Byte: Formula E Battery Packs

    Sept. 10, 2021
    We have a quick conversation with Lewis Butler, technical director at Mahindra Racing, the first of a three-part series on the team's Formula E program.
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    Why Is Formula E Strategy So Unique?

    Aug. 11, 2021
    Strategizing for Formula E racing requires a unique, multi-faceted thought process. This video with Saunders CB sheds some light on it all.
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    What Does a Formula E Simulation & Performance Engineer Do?

    Aug. 3, 2021
    Matthew Crossan talks about his role on Mahindra Racing's Formula E team.
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    Mahindra Takes First Place in Formula E Round 13

    Aug. 2, 2021
    Check out the race highlights from Round 13 of the 2021 Heineken London E-Prix.
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    Race Highlights from the 2021 ABB New York City E-Prix

    July 20, 2021
    Check out the Formula E race held recently in New York City.
    Andrea Ackroyd Promo

    What Does a Formula E Performance Engineer Do?

    June 2, 2021
    Electronic Design Editor Bill Wong talks with performance engineer Andrea Ackroyd from Mahindra Racing.
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    What’s It Like to be a Female Engineer in Formula E?

    July 28, 2017
    In this Q&A, TE Connectivity’s Judith Henzel discusses how she made her way onto the Andretti team, the future of EVs, and the evolving world of women in STEM.
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    Formula E racing picks up speed

    Nov. 16, 2012
    Formula 1 type electric car racing could begin in 2014, but questions remain about the practicality of the idea.