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From Design to Delivery: Creating Embedded System Solutions

Aug. 16, 2023
This series of articles takes a look at the design and delivery process. The articles cover topics such as the use of custom components to custom kitting issues that arise when delivering products.

This article series is in the System Design topic within our Series Library.

Startups and small-to-mid-sized developers/OEMs in the electronics industry often lack the resources for optimizing their operations, from procurement to development to product launches. Many have found that turning to a development distributor partner can set them up for success in their production and manufacturing operations.

Beyond selling products, development distributors can provide engineering support and aftermarket services, reduce costs, and optimize processes, as well as help manage inventories. To supplement those capabilities, they often offer customized sourcing kits to help streamline everything from the design phase through to the prototype and low- to mid-volume production. 

This article series shines a light on these sometimes overlooked processes: