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Article series that address a range of system design topics.
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From Design to Delivery: Creating Embedded System Solutions

Aug. 16, 2023
This series of articles takes a look at the design and delivery process. The articles cover topics such as the use of custom components to custom kitting issues that arise when...
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RoHS and Critical Materials

July 1, 2022
Different hazardous materials can be used in electronics, but there are alternatives
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Have SmartNIC – Will Compute

June 15, 2021
SmartNICs bring computing to the network interface.
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Memory for AI

April 22, 2021
This series shines a light on the memory aspect of artificial intelligence, offering tips and techniques to boost performance.
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The Graphic Chip Chronicles

April 19, 2021
Jon Peddie has put together short overviews of graphics chips that have made a major impact over the years. It is a fun look back at how we got to where GPGPUs are the norm.

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Fortifying Cyber Resilience in the IoT

April 8, 2021
This blog series on Internet of Things security, authored by Infineon’s Zhi Feng, covers the challenges and solutions in building up cyber resilience in IoT devices and systems...
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Gen-Z: Opening Up the Data Center

Feb. 18, 2021
Gen-Z is the fabric that ties together the new data center.
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Improving Software Code Quality

Oct. 23, 2020
High-quality code that follows good software engineering principles inherently has fewer defects, making it easier to maintain and extend.
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Touching on Haptics

Aug. 19, 2020
Haptic technology provides feedback to users to provide sensory immersion.
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MicroPython for Embedded Systems

May 14, 2020
MicroPython is a compact implementation of the popular Python programming language. The smaller counterpart can run on microcontrollers for embedded applications.
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Path to Systems

Feb. 15, 2020
This series explores challenges and solutions to the pace of integration and increased performance needed for tomorrow’s embedded applications, and how system-in-package fits ...