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Fortifying Cyber Resilience in the IoT

April 8, 2021
This blog series on Internet of Things security, authored by Infineon’s Zhi Feng, covers the challenges and solutions in building up cyber resilience in IoT devices and systems.

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Embedded systems have always had some level of integrated security. However, connecting devices to each other to create the Internet of Things has forced embedded OEMs to reconsider what they mean by security. Over the past decade, we’ve seen numerous high-profile network hacks using simple equipment, and the emergence of the smart home is only increasing the attack surface.

Today’s smart embedded and connected systems must include ways to secure communications between devices, including mechanisms such as authentication and encryption. Updates, once performed manually by a trusted technician, now take place over the internet and must be secured to prevent hackers from “updating” systems with rogue code. To build such systems, OEMs have access to increasingly secure silicon, including advanced MCUs like the Infineon PSoC 6.

This blog series will take a look at the many issues surrounding IoT security and drill down on solutions to help enhance cyber resilience. Stay tuned as new blog editions are added: