This series library topic covers communication technologies including protocols, connectivity hardware and software. Each multipart article series listed here delves into a specific area.
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The Voices of Ethernet

June 30, 2023
A video series from the Ethernet Alliance on the history and movers in the Ethernet industry.
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Have SmartNIC – Will Compute

June 15, 2021
SmartNICs bring computing to the network interface.
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What’s the Difference: Serial Communications 101

June 1, 2021
Communication is the hallmark of IoT and computer systems in general. Here are some of the basics.
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The Cryptography Handbook

May 3, 2021
This series, which is designed to be a quick study guide for product development engineers, takes an engineering rather than theoretical approach.
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Fortifying Cyber Resilience in the IoT

April 8, 2021
This blog series on Internet of Things security, authored by Infineon’s Zhi Feng, covers the challenges and solutions in building up cyber resilience in IoT devices and systems...