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Yokogawa has been developing measurement solutions for over 100 years, consistently finding new ways to give R&D teams the tools they need to gain the best insights from their measurement strategies.


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Power Analyzer Helps Build Higher-Efficiency Motor Drives

Feb. 13, 2023
The expansion of applications requiring some kind of motion functionality has increased the use of variable-speed drives in electronic systems.
Kelvin Hagebeuk, Marketing Manager Test And Measurement Yokogawa Europe
Test & Measurement

Kelvin Hagebeuk of Yokogawa on Accurate Power Analysis and Solar-Powered Racing

July 27, 2020
There has always been a special place for racing in automotive systems development. Every solution developed for any application space must be tested and evaluated. From the latest...

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Dl950 Scope Corder High Speed Yokogawa Test Measurement

DL950 ScopeCorder Empowers Design and Evaluation of Green and Energy-Efficient Technologies

May 21, 2021
Extended and improved data acquisition speed, channel count, and transient event capture allows handling of larger amounts of data at a faster sample rate and with longer recording...
The Yokogawa Wt5000 With Built In Dc Power Supply, Enables Easy Wiring With Reliable High Precision, Large Current Measurements

Yokogawa Releases Current Sensor Element and Firmware Upgrade for WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

April 9, 2021
The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer has been enhanced with a current-sensor element with an internal power supply for sensors, and improved firmware supporting faster update rates...
Yokogawa Aq1210 D Dual Purpose Otdr
Test & Measurement

Yokogawa's Four-Wavelength OTDR Targets Smart Buildings & Facilities

Sept. 21, 2020
AQ1210D quad model is suitable for intra- and inter-building, campus, and datacenter network applications.
Yokogawa T&m Aq2211(aq2200 212 Aq2200 222)
Test & Measurement

Yokogawa’s improved optical sensor modules offer lower uncertainty

July 29, 2020
The AQ2200 optical sensor is offered in both single channel and dual channel modules for a wide range of optical measuring applications.