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1-Gb Flash Positions As Market

Claimed to be the industry's smallest high-capacity NAND-based storage device, the latest member of the Mobile DiskOnChip G3 product line squeezes 1 Gb of flash memory into a footprint measuring just 9 x12 x 1.2 mm. Similar to its 512-Mb counterpart in the product line, the 1-Gb device employs x2 technology, the result of a collaboration between the company and Toshiba that reportedly improves reliability and performance and reduces power consumption: power dissipation is as low as 10 mA in active mode and 10 mA in deep power-down mode. According to the company, the proprietary x2 technology is responsible for the device consuming less power than the NAND media it is based upon. The 1-Gb device will be sampling in October and goes into mass production in December. M-SYSTEMS, Newark, CA. (510) 494-2090.

Company: M-SYSTEMS

Product URL: Click here for more information

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