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128 Mb Flash Uses Multi-Bit Cell Technology

Employing multi-bit cell technology based on the company's 0.15 µm process, a family of 128 Mb flash memories store two bits of data per cell to reduce the area of the memory array by as much as 50% compared to single-bit cell technology. Two versions of the memory include the M58LW128A with a 16-bit-wide data bus and the M58LW128B that can be configured with a 16- or 32-bit wide data bus. Both are organized as 128 blocks of 1 Mb, allowing one device to store code and data. Each block has its own security mechanism that can be used to protect boot code or data. Both devices operate from a single supply, and program, erase, and read operations are executed via a 2.7V to 3.6V supply. Programming can be done in-system on a 16 word or eight double-word basis and can be electrically erased at block level. Other features include 100,000 program/erase cycles per block and a 20-year data retention. The M58LW128A is available in a 56-lead TSOP and a 64-ball TGBA. The M58LW128B is available in an 80-ball TBGA. Pricing for the M58LW128 is $10 each/500,000. STMICROELECTRONICS INC., Lexington, MA. (781) 861-2650.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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