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16-Mbyte Memory Card Holds 120 VGA-Quality Images

Based on the company's single-level-cell, 128-Mbit NAND flash technology, the SMFV016 SmartMedia 16-Mbyte memory card can store up to 120 VGA-quality pictures or 30 minutes of digital audio. The cards are suited for use in digital cameras, for file storage, in digital voice recorders, and other portable applications requiring non-volatile memory.The card offers single-supply, 3.3V operation, automatic program and erase, a 528-byte page-read operation, and a fast write cycle. Write-cycle time is typically 200 µs for a 528-byte page and block erase time is typically 2 ms for the 16-kbyte block. Endurance is rated at one million write/erase cycles and data retention is for 10 years.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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