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32-GB Memory Module Outfits Servers

32-GB Memory Module Outfits Servers

Emerging as the industry's first 32-GB load-reduced, dual-inline DRAM module (LRDIMM), the company’s latest high-density offering targets server applications. Employing 40 nm-class, 4-Gb DDR3 chips, the 32-GB LRDIMM accommodates next generation servers designed for virtualization, cloud computing, and other high-capacity applications. According to Samsung, a server equipped with LRDIMMs can process data at 1,333 Mb/s, approximately 70% faster than the previous speed of 800 Mb/s. Its LRDIMMs operate at 1.35V or 1.5V. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO. LTD., San Jose, CA. (800) 726-7864.


TAGS: Digital ICs
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