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Electronic Design

5V NOR Flash Augments Automotive/Embedded Designs

Extending the company’s line of NOR flash memory, the Axcell M29F flash memory consists of 5V devices that suit both automotive and embedded applications. At densities of 16 Mb, 8Mb, 4Mb, and 2Mb, they are also viable for military, factory automation, and avionics designs. The Axcell M29F will be available in automotive-grade versions, qualified with AEC-Q100 specification to operate in temperatures from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C and -40 degrees C to +125egrees C. Additionally, devices will be available in TSOP48 and SO44 packages with leaded and lead free options, and as known-good-die (KGD) solutions. For more details, call NUMONYX, Folsom, CA. (888) 466-8666 or visit


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