64-MBit Parallel Flash Memory Device Leverages CMOS SuperFlash

64-MBit Parallel Flash Memory Device Leverages CMOS SuperFlash

A 4M x16 CMOS Advanced Multi-Purpose Flash Plus (Advanced MPF+), dubbed the SST38VF6401B by Microchip, takes advantage of the company’s CMOS SuperFlash technology—a split-gate cell design and thick-oxide tunneling injector for improved reliability and manufacturability.  The parallel flash memory device conforms to JEDEC standard pin assignments for x16 memories. Operating voltage ranges from 2.7 to 3.6 V. Memory is partitioned into uniform 32-kword and non-uniform 8-kword blocks, creating flexible erase capabilities and seamless partitioning for program code and data. Read and write options include: 70-ns random read access time; 25-ns page read access time; erasing sectors and blocks as fast as 18 ms; 40-ms erasing of the entire flash-memory hip; 7-µs word-programming time; and 1.75-µs write-buffer programming time (typ.). Active read current is 25 mA (typ.) at 5 MHz, while standby current measures 5 µA (typ.). Applications include the consumer, automotive, and industrial markets, ranging from set-top boxes and multifunctional printers, to digital TVs and automotive audio, video, and infotainment products, to gateways and switches. Packaging options are 48-pin TSSOPs and 48-ball TFBGAs.


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