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64-Mbit SDRAMs Meet PC100 Specs

Full compliance with Intel's PC100 SDRAM specification is offered by three configurations of 64-Mbit, 125-MHz memories that are fabricated in 0.25-µm CMOS. Configurations for the DIMM modules include 8 Mbits x 8 (V54C365804VB), 4 Mbits x 16 (V54C365164VB) and 16 Mbits x 4 (V54C365404VB).System frequency for all three configurations include 125 MHz for PC100 and 125 MHz and 100 MHz for non-PC100 applications. Clock cycle time for the PC100 grade of all three configurations is 8 ns. All three chips achieve 125-MHz data transfer rates, thanks to an architecture that uses multiple banks and then synchronizes the output data to a system clock. Operation is from a single +3.3V (±0.3V) power supply.


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