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Application-Specific Flash Targets Firmware Hub BIOS

Aimed at high-performance PCs employing Intel's accelerated-hub architecture, the M50FW040 is the first in a series of application-specific flash memories that will be able to accommodate this new architecture. The 4-Mbit flash memory device are organized as eight uniform 64-Kb blocks that perform the firmware-hub function.Designed as a drop-in replacement for the Intel 82802 firmware hub device, the flash memory operates from a 3V to 3.6V supply for program, erase and read operations. An optional 12V rail is available to enable faster programming.
Other features include a program/erase controller, a programming time of less than 10s, and a minimum data retention time of 20 years. An optional address/address-multiplexed protocol is also available for faster programming on the production line. Samples of the device are available now with production quantity scheduled for the second quarter of 2001. Prices ranging from $4.50 to $5.00 each/10,000 depending on package type.


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