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Boost Desktop Performance The Easy And Affordable Way

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With no moving parts, the V-Series solid state drives are more reliable and consume less power. Kingston Technology’s SSDs use NAND chips to increase speed and performance on a wide range of desktops, from high-end gaming systems to budget PCs. Adding the V-Series can make a cheap system feel like an expensive one, or it can help a high-powered system rocket to new levels of performance.

The Case For SSDs

With speeds many times faster than a typical hard drive, solid state drives (SSDs) can blast through the data bottlenecks slowing down most desktop computers.

SSDs are faster than hard drives because of the way they store and access data. Traditional hard drives use a spindle to read a rapidly rotating magnetic disk, similar to a turntable. SSDs store data on an array of NAND flash memory chips and contain no moving parts. With an SSD, there's no need to wait for the arm holding the read/write head to move to the proper track and the right sector of the disk to rotate under the head. The result is better performance through lower latency, the time between a request for information and the information beginning to be retrieved from the disk.

Another advantage is greater shock resistance and durability, because a solid state drive can survive jarring better than a delicate and complex hard drive. And no moving parts mean less power consumption and quieter operation.

SSDNow V-Series: Making Any Desktop Better

The V-Series can breathe new life into an aging desktop's performance, making it seem new again or even better than new.

The blazing fast V-Series SSD can supercharge a budget PC so it outperforms systems costing hundreds of dollars more. Even high-end machines can benefit from the switch, as seen from lab tests performed by PC World’s Test Center.

The benefits of a V-Series SSD are evident the second you turn your system on. A low-end eMachines desktop running Windows XP Home booted up more than 25% faster with the V-Series installed (Table 1), compared to the standard hard drive. Virus scanning performance was more than 35% better using Panda Anti-Virus Pro 2009 (Table 2), and shutting down an Adobe Photoshop session was more than 20% faster.

Both high-end and midrange test systems showed gains across different tests, but perhaps most interesting was the system-boot test of a high-end Gateway system running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Using the V-Series instead of the stock hard drive, performance improved more than 30 percent, higher than the gains in the low-end desktop.

A No-Brainer Investment

The V-Series is easy to install, even if you don't have much technical experience. The desktop upgrade kit comes with the drive, power and data cables, mounting rails, and a CD-ROM with installation instructions and hard-drive cloning software (see the photo). Very clear instructions, complete with screen shots and tables, explain the process. Once the SSD is in place, it’s easy to copy all the files from your old hard drive, including your operating system, programs, and data. You'll even be able to continue using your old hard drive for your overflow data files.

For added peace of mind, the V-Series is backed by 24 x 7 tech support, three-year warranty, and legendary Kingston reliability, making it an excellent investment.

Whether your PC is new or old, budget or high end, you can benefit from the better performance, higher reliability, and energy efficiency of the Kingston SSDNow V-Series. It's a no-hassle, low-cost way to improve your desktop computing experience.

For more information on Kingston’s SSDNow products visit www.SemiconductorStore.com. If you have questions about pricing, availability, or product features related to Kingston’s entire line of SSD drives, contact Symmetry Electronics at 866-506-8829.

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