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Buffered DIMMs Pack 4 GB DRAM

Claiming to offer the industry’s highest performance and density, as well as a thinner module, the FB-DIMM buffered DIMMs provide 4 GB DRAM per module. Users can install up to 32 GB in an 8-slot server platform and achieve system data transfer rates up to 21.2 GB/s. The modules employ the company's 1-Gb DDR2 devices in stacked FBGA packages measuring 6.7-mm thick. They are available in two performance modes: either PC2-4200F or PC2-5300F. PC2-4200F mode uses DDR2-533 devices with a CAS latency (CL) of 4-4-4, and the PC2-5300F mode uses DDR2-667 devices with a CL of 5-5-5. This translates to a module data transfer rate of 5.3 GB/s per channel plus 21.2 GB/s per system in a 4-channel configuration. Sample prices for the 553-Mb/s EBE41FE4AAHA-5C-E and the 667-Mb/s EBE41FE4AAHA-6E-E are $3,000 and $3,500 each, respectively. ELPIDA MEMORY INC., Santa Clara, CA. (866) 355-8296.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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