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CAM Cranks Up High-Speed Search & Filter Apps

This 1-Mb ternary/2-Mb binary, dual-port classification content-addressable memory (CAM) with a 15-ns search time is targeted for high-speed search and filter applications in Layers 2 to 4 and above switches and routers. The KE5BCCA1MA Classification CAM device features configurable look-up tables so that it can operate in a combination of binary and ternary modes, selected by multiple banks. The binary mode has options of 68-bit x 32k, 136-bit x 16k, or 272-bit x 8k configurations, while the ternary mode offers 68-bit x 16 k, 136-bit x 8k, and 272-bit x 4k options.
Incorporating a dual-port architecture, the CAM device includes a 68-bit I/O port consisting of a 64-bit data bus, an optional 32-bit configuration, and an optional 4-bit extra bus. The output is 32 bits. Other features include support for automatic data shifting, contiguous search during data shifting, 18 global MASK registers for data search and writing operations, and automatic learning that stores miss/hit data in real-time. Pricing is $45 each/10,000.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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