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Chip Simplifies DDR Memory Power Design

Combining a dc/dc switch-mode controller and LDO regulator, the TPS51116 is said to significantly reduce the number of external components typically required to support all the power management for double data rate (DDR) and DDR II memory systems. Targeting applications such as notebook and desktop computers, graphics cards and game machines, the new chip integrates a synchronous current mode dc/dc controller to power Vddq, a 3-A LDO regulator to power Vtt and a buffered reference, Vref. Fully compliant to DDR and DDR II JEDEC specifications, a complete DDR power solution can be achieved by including the power train for the switcher, and adding as few as seven external resistors and capacitors. In addition to the TPS51116, the company has released the TPS51100, a 3A sink/source tracking termination regulator, specifically designed for low-cost DDR and DDR II systems where space is at a premium. The TPS51116 DDR power IC comes in a 20-pin PowerPAD HTSSOP and costs $1.20 each/1,000. The TPS51100 comes in a 10-pin MSOP and costs $0.80 each/1,000. Texas Instruments Inc. Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924

Company: Texas Instruments Inc.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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