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CompactFlash Card Family Squires 32-GB Member

CompactFlash Card Family Squires 32-GB Member

Debuting as the latest member of the company’s family of INDUSTRIAL Type 1 CompactFlash cards, the C-320 attains the highest density and performance of the group with a capacity of 32 GB and data transfer rates of 35 MB/s for sustained write and 45 MB/s for sustained read makes. The card, similar to its ancestors, employs single-level cell flash technology, which provides a minimum of ten times the program/erase endurance over multi-level cell flash components. Intelligent wear-leveling ensures that all dynamic and static data is balanced evenly across the entire card. Additionally, full self monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology is built in, allowing the card to report its detailed lifetime status. Swissbit NA Inc., Port Chester, NY. (914) 935-1400.


TAGS: Digital ICs
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