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Contactless-Memory IC Enables Re-Usable Electronic Tickets

Contactless-Memory IC Enables Re-Usable Electronic Tickets

Meeting industry standards for contactless cards, the SRi2K 2-Kbit IC enables contactless tickets to manage access to multiple services. The chip’s enlarged data capacity allows e-tickets to become more intelligent and flexible, to support changing lifestyles and to enable services such as transportation. Features include integrated RFID circuitry operating at the standard 13.56 MHz carrier frequency and meeting all applicable international standards including ISO 14443-2/3 covering interfaces and data formatting, a unique 64-bit ID, lockable memory blocks, an eight-bit anti-collision mechanism based on the chip ID, dual 32-bit decrementing counters to prevent data loss, the ability to withstand one million erase/rewrite cycles, and a 40-year data retention. Price is $0.15 each/100,000. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (888) 787-3550.
TAGS: Digital ICs
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