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DDR DIMM Line Expanded To 1 GB

Two modules expand the company's double data rate (DDR) and single data rate (SDR) line of DIMMs to include a 1", 1-GB PC2100-registered DIMM and two 1.25", 512-MB PC2700- and PC2100-registered ECC SO-DIMMs. The SM5722885D8ELCH01 184-pin, 1-GB module supports a peak bandwidth of 2.128 GB/s and a data transfer rate of 266 MHz/s per pin to address emerging high-end networking requirements. Targeted applications include wireless base stations, gigabit routers, VoIP, enterprise servers, edge routers, and web-server switches. Designed for common networking memory applications, the SM572648FD8DWCL for PC2700 CL2.5 and SM572648FD8DWCH for PC2100 are configured as 64M x 72 and can process data at rates up to 333 MHz. All three modules feature a 72-bit wide data bus and meet the x8 device data bus requirement that networking processors such as Broadcom's BCM1250 SiByte place on the module. The 1-GB PC2100-registered DIMM is priced at $510 each/1000 and the 512-MB PC2700 ECC SO-DIMM costs $208.24 each/100. Availability is based on a four to six week build-to-order schedule. For further information, call Arthur Sainio at SMART MODULAR TECHNOLOGIES INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 624-8126.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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