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DDR SDRAM Controller Delivers 266-MHz Performance

Partnering with Altera, the company has introduced a double-data rate (DDR) SDRAM controller capable of performing control functions at up to 266 MHz when implemented into the company's EP20K400E device. The controller also works with all standard SDRAM and synchronous graphics (SG) RAM, and is available with interfaces to a Local Bus, Power PC, digital-video sources and Altera's MegaCore PCI cores. Using the DDR SDRAM Controller at 266 MHz with a 64-bit memory-bus width enables a sustained throughput of 2.1 GB/s. It also is said to eliminate SDRAM-control complexities by supplying a processor-style interface and automatic refresh. The controller uses approximately 800 logic cells and costs $6995 in encrypted-netlist form.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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