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Direct RDRAMs Tout High Peak Bandwidth

With a peak bandwidth of 1.6 GB/s and transfer rates of up to 800 MHz, two new Direct Rambus RIMM modules are poised to help usher in new generations of super-high-speed PCs, workstations, servers, games, and other systems needing high bandwidth and low latency. The 64-MB and 128-MB modules are made up of eight and 16 Direct RDRAM chips, respectively, with each IC having a 256K x 18 x 16-bank or 256K x 16 x 16-bank organization.Direct RDRAM devices provide bandwidth for multiple, simultaneous randomly addressed memory transactions. They also allow for independent row and column bus control to yield over 95% bus efficiency. As to the RIMMs, they feature low-power and power-down self-refresh modes, serial presence detect, and 2.5V operation. Samples are available.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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