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Dual-Port SRAMs Reach 1-Mbit Density Level

Over 60 synchronous and asynchronous dual-port SRAMs are available within a family that ranges in density from 64 kbits to 1 Mbit. The 1-Mbit device is called the industry's largest with twice the density of any other true dual-ported SRAM. Both 5V and 3.3V versions are offered in identical packages and pinouts for each density, which simplifies designers' transitions to 3.3V systems.The SRAMs offer x9 and x18 word widths so users can implement parity bits for error-checking protocols. The synchronous devices also give users the ability to select either flow-through or pipelined operation on each port, independent of the mode of the other port. The memories also offer significant power savings, using just 50 µA typical standby power (250 µA maximum). For the 1-Mbit memory, organizations are 128k x 8, 128k x 9, 64k x 16, and 64k x 18 in 100-pin TQFPs for both 3.3V and 5V versions.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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