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Dual-Ported Memory Acts As PCI Controller

Serving as a PCI controller, the CY7C09449PV PCI-Dual Port (PCI-DP) memory device is said to offer a flexible, easy-to-configure local interface to most processors and can function as a host bridge in embedded processor applications. The 3.3V chip is compatible with the 33-MHz, 32-bit-wide PCI 2.2 standard for speed and bus width and can be connected directly to 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors without glue logic.
By integrating a PCI bridge, 128K of dual-port memory and glue logic, the chip allows data to be transferred from the local processor to the PCI bus in just two steps rather than the three presently required, resulting in reduced latency, an important factor in high-speed networking applications.
The PCI-DP chip comes in 160-pin TQFPs costing $18.30 each/10,000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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