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Eight-Bit Programmable System Devices Double Flash And I/O Capabilities

Expanding its current lines of eight-bit programmable system devices, the PSD8xx and PSD9xx, the firm has introduced two new devices that are claimed to provide twice the amount of flash memory and I/O than other devices in the series. Both the PSD835G2 and PSD935G2 provide 512 KB of flash memory, a second concurrent 32-KB flash array, 8 KB of SRAM, and a programmable interface to any eight-bit CISC MCU. The two new devices also expand the number of I/O ports from 25 to 52.
The PSD935G2 has 1500 gates of programmable logic for chip selects, address decoding, and other logic functions. Its logic design is completely automated from the point-and-click menus found in the included EDA software.
The PDS835G2 has a 3000-gate CPLD, usable to design custom peripherals such as loadable shift registers and counters, state machines, and mail boxes. Both devices include a special ISP port that allows first-time, in-system programming in as little time as 20s. The ISP interface is based on the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG communications standard.
Available in an 80-pin TQFP, the PSD835G2 and PSD 935G2 are priced at $9.44 and $8.79, respectively, each/10,000.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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