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Embedded RAM Addresses High-Performance Functions

In the QuickRAM family of embedded standard products (ESPs), up to 32,256 bits of high-performance SRAM is embedded in an array of user-configurable logic. The devices enable large RAM, ROM and FIFO functions to run at speeds of 160 MHz. The family provides up to 28 modules of embedded, dual-port, synchronous/asynchronous SRAM. Each 1152-bit RAM module is individually configurable in any of four modes and can be horizontally or vertically cascaded with other blocks to create greater memory widths or depths. Shown is a synchronous FIFO configured from an 1152-bit RAM module.Initially available is the QL4090, a device with 90,000 usable PLD gates and 1584 logic cells. The device contains 22 RAM modules with 25,344 bits of memory. Version 7.1 of the company's development tools provides design support for the QuickRAM devices with an integrated wizard that allows easy configuration.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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