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FCRAM Targets Next Generation Mobile Phones

Based on the company's fast-cycle RAM (FCRAM) architecture, four 16-Mb, high density application-specific memory (ASM) devices have been developed specifically for next generation mobile phone applications. The new ASMs use an asynchronous SRAM-type interface and refresh-free operation that is said to make it easy to upgrade the memory without making major changes to system architecture. They are housed in a 48-pin FBGA. Four models, the MB82D01160/1-90, MB82D01160/1-10, MB82D01160/1-90L, and MB82D01160/1-10L, offer cycle times of 90 ns and 100 ns, an active current of 30 mA, and standby currents of 200 µA and 100 µA. Additional features include dual power-supply voltages of 2.3V to 2.7V and 2.7V to 3V with 16-bit I/O organization. Samples of the MB82D01160/1 series are available now with prices starting at $38 each.


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