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Flash Disks-On-Chip Now Available In SMT Packaging

Combining a disk controller with high-density flash memory on a single die, the DiskOnChip Millenium device is now available in a 32-pin TSOP-II SMT version to augment the previously announced 32-pin DIP version. The integrated mass-storage device is well suited for use in Internet-access devices and embedded PC applications. Initial offerings include an 8-Mbyte version that operates from one 3.3V or 5V supply.The monolithic devices are functionally compatible with the company's earlier DiskOnChip 2000 module series. They include an 8-Mbyte NAND flash memory, a 512-byte RAM providing execute-in-place capability for boot code, and a controller for EDC/ECC logic. Up to four devices can be connected in parallel to create a 16- to 32-Mbyte flash disk.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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