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Flash Family Flashes Four New High-Speed Devices

With densities ranging from 512 Kbits to 4 Mbits and with read speeds of 45 and 55 ns, these four additions to the 39 Series, Multi-Purpose Flash (MPF) family of SuperFlash EEPROM devices are expected to find wide use in CD-ROMs, modems, networking adapter cards, DECT phones, and other communication products. The flash memories are available in x8 configurations and use a single voltage supply of 3.0V to 3.6V for read, program and erase. They also have a typical endurance life of 100,000 cycles and can retain data for more than 100 years. Like all members of the MPF family, the new x8 memories use a sector erase/byte programming scheme, helping the devices achieve fast programming and erase times: 20 µs/byte for programming, 25 ms for sector erase, and 100 ms for chip erase. Further, use of a JEDEC standard command set and package/pinout helps make the devices easy to use. The new MPF parts are available in 32-pin PLCCs and TSOPs.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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