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Flash IDE Drives Store Up To 128 MB With 100% Reliability

Designed to provide highly reliable data storage, the IDE family of flash IDE drives has been introduced as a new category of non-volatile, mass-memory storage devices built with Intel's StrataFlash components. These components incorporate multi level cell (MLC) storage techniques that allow two bits of information to be stored in one memory cell.
The new flash drives operate at 5V and are available in capacities up to 128 MB, with higher capacities anticipated in the future. These drives fit into standard disk-drive bays, support the industry standard IDE interface, and, since there are no moving parts, they are said to be near impervious to shock and vibration.
They are also said to perform with 100% reliability even under harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for a wide range of mobile computing and mission-critical data storage applications. The 128 MB drive, part number 7P128IDE151100C25, is priced at $375 each/1,000 with a delivery time of two to four weeks ARO.


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