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Flash Memory Emulates Hard Disk Drive

Designed for use in any electronic product equipped with PC Card Type II sockets or applications using industry-standard 44-pin connectors, these flash memory products have an IDE interface and come in 68- and 44-pin form-factor packages. The 68-pin ATA flash memory PC Card is available in densities ranging from 4 to 128 MB and the 44-pin device comes in 4 to 96 MB densities. These PC Cards with IDE interface provide compatibility with the ATA register and command set, as well as power and defect management. The modules can be designed into products and operating systems with built-in BIOS and driver support for IDE-ATA storage devices, including Windows 95, OS/2 and Apple System 7. They provide 8 MB/s burst data transfer rate from buffer to host with media transfer rate of 3.5 MB/s for reading and 650 KB/s for writing.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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