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Flash/SRAM Devices Offer Small Footprints

The industry's first monolithic integration of flash memory and SRAM is said to be embodied in the ComboMemory family of products. Initial offerings include the SST31LH041, which integrates 4 Mbits of flash and 1 Mbit of SRAM on a single chip, and the SST31LH021, which combines 2 Mbits of flash and 1 Mbit of SRAM. The firm also offers its Multi-Chip Package model SST32LH802, which combines 8 Mbits of flash and 2 Mbits of SRAM in a x16 organization. The monolithic (31 Series) and Multi-Chip Package (32 Series) devices blend the company's SuperFlash technology with a low-power SRAM process to provide a low-EMI/low-power and small-footprint alternative to discrete devices.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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