FRAM With I2C Interface Boasts 1-Mbit Capacity

FRAM With I2C Interface Boasts 1-Mbit Capacity

Fujitsu Semiconductor America’s MB85RC1MT FRAM packs 1 Mbit of memory, which represents the highest memory capacity among the company’s products with an I2C serial interface. It operates between 1.8 and 3.3 V. Operating temperature ranges from ‒40 to 85°C. Since the FRAM supports “high-speed” mode, it enables read and write at operating frequencies of 3.4 and 1 MHz, respectively—the same speed as conventional EEPROMs. Furthermore, it guarantees 10 trillion write-erase cycles, which is significantly higher than EEPROMs. As a result, the MB85RC1MT can replace EEPROMs for high-precision data capture, reducing power consumption during data writing. In addition, random access to memory cells accelerates data writing. The nonvolatile FRAM retains data even when power is switched off. Packaging is industry-standard 8-pin SOPs.


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