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High-Speed DRAM Packs 2 Gb

With a storage capacity of 256 MB (2 Gb), the W3E32M72S-XBX double data rate (DDR) SDRAM is intended to support high-performance processors. Organized as 32 MB x 72, the memory offers data rates of 200-, 250- and 266 Mb/s to achieve high-speed operation. Fabricated in CMOS technology, the device contains five individual chips, each configured internally as a quad-bank DRAM. The internal pipelined DDR architecture enables two data accesses per clock cycle. The device operates on a core supply voltage of 2.5V, ±0.2V and is packaged in a 219-lead plastic ball grid array (PBGA) measuring 32 mm x 25 mm. This package provides a space savings of 40% compared with memories housed in a thin small outline package (TSSOP), and a 34% reduction in I/O compared to a TSSOP. In addition, the package allows for reduced trace lengths which lowers parasitic capacitances. It is available in three temperature ranges. Price is $230 each/1,000. WHITE ELECTRONIC DESIGNS CORP., Phoenix, AZ. (602) 437-1520.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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