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High-Speed EEPROMs Come With I_C Or Microwire Interface

Two new series have been added to the company's high-speed serial EEPROM family: the CAT24FC32 series sporting an I_C interface and the CAT93HC46 series having a Microwire interface. The CAT24FC32s come in 1-MHz, 2.7V-5.5V and 400-kHz, 1.8V-5.5V versions, with both parts offering a 32-Kb density and x8 organization. The devices support both 32-byte page and byte write modes and, with zero standby current, are well-suited for use in low-voltage and battery-powered applications requring high-speed operation. The CAT93HC46 EEPROMs come in 3-MHz, 4.5V-5.5V, 1-MHz, 2.5V-6.0V and 250-kHz, 1.8V-6.0V versions, with all three parts having a 1K density and x8 or x16 organization. The two series are housed in 8-lead DIPs, SOICs or TSSOPs and are available in commercial, industrial, automotive and extended automotive models. CAT93HC46 devices cost $0.25 each/1,000 and CAT24FC32, $0.65. For more details, contact David Gillooly at CATALYST SEMICONDUCTOR INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 542-1080.


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