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Memory Module Technology Boosts Performance Levels

Touted as revolutionary, the ArctiCore memory-module technology outlines significant improvements in electrical, mechanical, and thermal characteristics for enterprise and consumer electronics. Essentially, the patent-pending technology allows users to cost-effectively increase available memory capacity to meet expanding application performance requirements. It employs a double-sided, multi-layer flexible circuit with embedded interconnect technology folded around a rigid thermal core to increase the available area for mounting devices. This approach simultaneously enhances thermal management, reliability, and thinness. An aluminum core acts as both a heat sink and mechanical stiffener, resulting in heat reductions ranging from 4°C to 25°C. The technology is also said to improve factory yield losses due to handling fallout. For more details, call STAKTEK HOLDINGS INC., Austin, TX. (512) 454-9531


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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