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Memory Supports HP Workstations & Compaq Alpha Servers

Memories with capacities up to 512 Mbytes to support Hewlett-Packard Visualize Workstations and up to 2 Gbytes to support Compaq/Digital's new expandable Alpha Server ES40 is now available. Capable of meeting the demands of complex graphics and intensive visualization tasks, the firm's new PC-100 memory is easily installed in the workstations. It supports processor speeds up to 550 MHz at 100-MHz bus speeds. The memories for HP Visualize Workstations (P-Class and X-Class) range up to 512 Mbytes per kit, providing a maximum of 2 Gbytes of resident memory. Memories for Compaq/Digital servers is targeted to fit the needs of Alpha Server ES40 users with memory solutions of up to 2 Gbytes per kit, providing a maximum of 16 Gbytes of resident memory.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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